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Callum Valencia

Alright geeza ?
Nov 26, 2021
Full name: Callum Ocean
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Date of birth: 15th August 2002
Nationality: Irish
Place of birth: Dublin Ireland
Residence: Vinewood Hills, Los Santos
Father: Drake Ocean
Mother: Marie Ocean
Wife: N/A
Height: 182cm
Body type: Athletic
Eye color: Green
Hair color: Black
Sexuality: Straight
Personality: Social, Professional, Loyal, Resilient and artistic.
Hobbies: Going off-roading, listening to music and exploring nature.


Callum Ocean, was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland . His father was the manager of the Secret Service and his mother, well, she was a Secetary. Ever since Callum was young, he would always go to work with his father, learning and helping out with anything he could, becoming very equipped with knowledge and experience for protection, Weapons, coding, interrogation and Robbing from a young age. School was never Callums strong point but if you were to ever find him at school, he’d be in the gym working out or playing Rugby with friends. So finally when he turned 16, he decided to leave school and never look back. After taking a gap year to relax and travel, Callum learnt how to enjoy nature and animals, learning how to navigate and survive through the toughest terrains. After recently turning 18, Callums father decided it was time to be honest with his son and tell him about all the work he actually does, explaining to him all the things he’s done over the years and explaining how he’s got people hunting him down for his past and mistakes he’s made, ultimately saying that it’s not safe for his mother or for Callum to be here in Dublin anymore. His father, Drake , decided that it was in his best interest to fly Callum and Marie over to los santos for a new life and to escape the dangers, his father had put them in.

Sadly, a week before Callum and Marie were supposed to leave, Drake got hunted down by a gang and was left dead in his family house.

Due to this catastrophic event, this was the start of it all for Callum. Unlocking a part in him, no one had ever seen. Full of hatred and love, Callum wanted revenge for his Father. Setting a promise that he’d stop at nothing till his Fathers killer was laid to rest himself.

Never getting to move to los santos, Callums mother, started going crazy after losing her late husband and regretfully Callum had to put her in a mental institution for awhile. Sadly losing his way for a bit as well Callum found himself mixing with gangsters. Ultimately getting himself into quite some bad business with some bad people and after nearly two years of being stuck in that life, hiding away from the world. One early morning, around 4am, Callum had an unexpected surprise. His mother had finally gotten out of the institution and came to tell him that they are going to finally move to los santos, restart on life, a second chance to finally end this chapter in Dublin, Callum jumped at that idea as he knew the life he was living wasn’t for him.

After landing and getting settled into Los Santos, Callum saw a chance for a new start in a job where he could help people. Officially joining EMS, Providing ORGs with Medical Kits, Adrenaline Shots and Liquids , he seemed to be enjoying it and finding a home for himself but sadly After a few short months of being in EMS, helping and growing as a newer version of himself, he found himself reminiscing about times with his father and what it was like to do Secret Service work. After having a few long chats with his mother about it all, he decided that it would be in his best interest to leave EMS and start another journey. One that would ultimately pay respect to his late father and to finally give revenge to his killer.

After finally deciding on what he wanted to do, he went for an interview at SAHP. Where he actually ended up getting a job and working for for a few weeks to gain some experience and training in the ways of the government, putting people behind bars, taking them to the yard and helping civilians. After climbing to senior officer in a few days, Callum got the opportunity to to be Higher in SAHP , becoming a cadet, slowly climbing the ranks to officer just in a few weeks. After a whole term of working his butt off, helping his team and doing whatever it took for the situation, the term was coming to an end. Callum didn’t know what he was going to do for now, but still wanted to continue this line of work. So he decided to take a few weeks holiday, to relax and to get his mind straight.

After a new Sheriff was appointed,Callum decided he wanted to have a Fresh Start and do more work for the SAHP as he still felt like he had to repay his father. Frederick Rogues saw the Hard Work Callum was Doing for SRT and In general , ultimately promoting him to Liutenant . After a week went by, Callum
Started to Control SRT ,helping the first in command and doing Ghetto Patrols , plus everything else he was doing for the SAHP.

To this day, Callum is still waiting for that day where he will be able to get that revenge on his fathers killer, at this point he knows it’s a waiting game and he knows that one day, he will get the opportunity to do so.

Callum, continues to work till this day inside SAHP, as a Liutenant of SRT . Loving everything he does and the people around him. He will always have that revenge for his fathers killer and will always want to repay that debt but for now, he’s focusing on helping the government and his high commands, knowing his father will always be proud of him. His mother still lives close by and he checks in on her almost every day, just to remind her how much he loves her.

On Callums off time he really wanted to get into the undercover work. So he got with a couple of his combat experienced friends and started learning about interrogation and what is most effective way to interrogate, investigate and advanced evidence collection, as well as how to destroy evidence. In hopes of one day he can show the Sheriff what he has learned and take under cover roles for him.

- Callum is able to torture/Interrogate/kill for information by using truth serum, even lawyers
- Callum can remove criminals from the wanted list or reduce sentence
- Callum will be able to Rob People
- Callum will be able to sell illegal weapons that he picked up off gang/family members
- Callum always has his bodycam in his Glasses recording the last five minutes to the cloud
- Callum can let suspects go free if they're in his family and aid them in escaping
- Callum can take bribes
- Callum will be able to work with informants to be able to pay for information or evidence
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