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Callum Valencia

Alright geeza ?
Nov 26, 2021
Full name: Callum Ocean
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Nationality: Irish
Marie and Drake Ocean
Body type:
Eye color: Green
Hair color:
Personality Cheeky,Funny, Clumsy,

Life as Child:
Both of Callums parents worked in Goverment. Marie was the Director of LF and Drake was Deputy Director of the USSS. While Callum was Growing up, his father Started to bring Callum to his Operations, Which Made Callum have the ability to become very equipped with knowledge and experience for protection, Weapons, coding, interrogation and Robbing from a young age. But When a few Years went by Callums Parents got jailed for Corruption.

Moving into the City: When Callum was 18 he arrived to Los Santos. He tried to settle in make friends and have a good company with him. Callum started to work in gangs being High Command in a gang called Families. He Liked it but started to get intrested into Goverment because he knew thats what his parents would of wanted. So Callum made his way to Become a DOC Officer to try and see what the experience is like becoming apart of Law Enforcement, He found it boring, then Decided he wanted to go Futher in Life and in Law enforcement and Join SAHP

Life in SAHP: Callum started to work his Roles under Sheriff Ryan Slater doing everything he got told to do. Sometimes there would be Trouble with Callum but it was understandable since he is still Reminded by his Parents. Callum started to make friends who got the Background as him and started learning about interrogation and what is most Best way to interrogate, investigate and advanced evidence collection. Callum hopes he can make the new Sheriff Proud and help him with any roles

Callum is able to torture/Interrogate/kill for information by using truth serum, even lawyers
2: Callum can remove criminals from the wanted list or reduce sentence
3: Callum will be able to Rob People
4: Callum will be able to sell illegal weapons that he picked up off gang/family members
5: Callum always has his bodycam in his Glasses recording the last five minutes to the cloud
6: Callum can let suspects go free if they're in his family and aid them in escaping
7: Callum can take bribes
8: Callum will be able to work with informants to be able to pay for information or evidence
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Magnes Haste

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Deputy Chief Administrator
Jun 19, 2021
outcome 1 you can only use truth serum twice per situation using /try command, outcome 2 must be randomized, outcome 5 denied you need to make rp commands to turn it on, outcome 6 must be randomized, outcome 7 must be randomized
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