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Rejected Ethan Action ID 55340 Government Biography

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Feb 26, 2022
Full name: Ethan Action
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Date of birth: 20/02/2000
Nationality: English
Place of birth: Florida, United States
Residence: Los Santos
Father: Bob Action
Mother: Unknown
Wife: N/A
Height: 189cm
Body type: Bulky
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Black
Sexuality: Straight
Personality: Social, Friendly, and Dedicated
Hobbies: Bowling, Exhibition(Rifle Spinning), Rally Races with friends

Early childhood
In Ethan’s childhood, it was a unique one compared to others. Unlike many Ethan was only living with his father but it turned out even though Ethan never knew his mother when she died an enormous inheritance fund was given to Ethan’s dad which helped Ethan and Bob live the High life and allowed Bob to get a job for the government. Bob never told Ethan what that job was. So in Ethan’s curious child mind, he dug into more of what his father actually did. And it turned out his father was actually a dirty government official. But even though Ethan knew this was wrong he still like it in a malicious way but never understood why until he flew into the infamous city of Los Santos

Time in Los Santos
After Ethan Left his father to go pursue future endeavors in Los Santos Ethan was told that he needs to learn the streets. So Bob gave Ethan nothing but some clothes and a plane ticket to Los Santos to get him started but told him he needed to make his own name in Los Santos. When Ethan came into the city he was confused and had no idea where to start since no one seemed to help the little guy in the city. So eventually some people were at the hotel advertising the ticket Ethan needed to succeed in the City. It turned out these people were part of a family and this family is what Ethan needed to finally find his place in the city. Because these people helped Ethan while he was at his lowest so since that day many years ago Ethan was and still is Loyal to the end for his family. Because many of these family members were in the legal organizations so they introduced Ethan into the Government.

Time in Government
After a short career with EMS as a pharmacist, even though he did not enjoy it Ethan still got to work with experimental truth serum and is very proficient with it because of his pharmacist experience. Ethan decided to pursue careers in the Government and the position of secretary caught his eye. Doing secretary work for some time Ethan was promoted to Senior Secretary and was moving up in the world making his own name while this was all happening Ethan grew tired of his family being hurt and in need and Ethan couldn't do anything so he planned to do something about it legal or not but as long as he helped his family it was fine with him. After some restructuring, Ethan was promoted to the rank of SS capitol security where he was even closer with the people that hurt his family members so long ago. Even though he wanted to kill them he still wanted to help his family under the nose of his higher-ups that are unaware of Ethan’s actions.

1. Ethan will do anything for his family legal or illegal
2. Ethan has a micro camera/bodycam inside his Dog on his shoulder or glasses that uploads to encrypted servers
3. Ethan will lie to protect his family or state if not successfully injected with truth serum
4. Ethan knows how to give truth serum
5. Ethan can let people go out of being arrested if they are in his family because of his loyalty to his family
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