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Nov 21, 2021
Name: Notix Rojas
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Date of birth: 30/04/2005
Nationality: Indian/American
Place of Birth: New Delhi, India
Residence: Los Santos City, San Andreas
Father: Baba Ji
Mother: Bhabhi Ji
Sexuality : Straight
Weight - 78 Kg
Height - 6' 2
Personality: Team oriented,
Hobbies: Loves Talking With people I love, Music
Knowledge of languages: Hindi, English
Strength - Team Oriented, Heavily dedicated towards a goal
Weakness - Might Forget some things, While focusing on a goal, Emotional For my close ones

Notix Was born in a slum of new Delhi , where his parents had abandoned him, and he was begging to earn his living. One Fine day, When he was begging on the roads of Chanakya, He found a rich family, Who took him with them and adopted him. The Family had a very lavish style and notix was surprised to see all of this. He later on moved to San Andreas Because of his Step-Father's Transfer.

When He reached San Andreas, He found out that his Step-Father was a gang member and, Used to kill and rob people for there living. Notix never liked gang members, He Always had a dream of becoming a police officer once he would grow up. 15 years later Notix was driving to SAHP office for a Interview, But was robbed and shot in the arm and leg, Because of this he had to cancel the Interview that day. After spending 6 months in a hospital, Furious Notix wanted to work Undercover and clean the streets Of San Andreas. This time more secretively he managed to reach SAHP office and got himself in, and started working as a police officer and accomplished his dream.

He saw many of his fellow employees dying in front of his eyes, Because of mafias. This made him realize that if he is gonna work in uniform it will cause damage to his employees, So he decided to work undercover. He used many devices that may seem normal to one's Human eye, But are actually devices that would help him cleaning the streets of san andreas.

1. When Notix was a Child , He created a device named as "Momanometer" This device , Is very small and can act as a radio when tuned in to SAHP frequency and Notix will be able to use this on/off duty.
2. Notix has a device hidden under his socks, Through which if he gets signals(Will Do /me Connects With Sahp Email Server) he would be able to respond to email messages(NRP Radio/Rp Radio)
3. Notix will be able to carry org weapon off duty/undercover(Limited Quantity) as he wants to clean the streets while working undercover for SAHP, To protect his fellow employees and since its a duty of a LEO to protect the citizen this would help him, he will log all the stuff he is taking in his logs and only use it in any situation where crime is taking place. Since LEO's are never off duty
4. Notix will be carrying 1 Balaclava and 1 SAHP Vest off duty since he is a law student and needs to be undercover and identification to be hidden while in global/store robberies. Also he is a high command of SAHP, Which poses a danger on him.(Addition To Point 3)
5. He may be able to attend store robberies/Global situation in off duty clothes(with org/personal weapons) due to his versatile nature.
6. Notix will be able to use any weapons irrespective whether its legal or illegal off duty
7. Notix can secretively get his fam members out of jail.(To make it challenging notix wont be wearing any mask while doing this)
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